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Hair Extensions Guide: Know what you are getting for your money

If you are yearning after waist-length waves, or just want a ponytail for the first time in your life, Extensions can be the immediate solution to all your long hair concerns.

However, it is necessary to know what you are getting for your money.

Various Types of Hair Extension

Wigs, Clip-In, Sew-In Weave, Ponytails,

There are several ways to attach additional hair, but the main three categories are:

1. Temporary (Remove each day or week)

Temporary methods include adding clip-in pieces, wefts, and weaves, where large pieces of hair.

2. Semi-Permanent (worn for 6-8 weeks)

Tape-in pieces that last around 6-8 weeks. Tape-In Extensions are smaller sections than Clip-In extensions, and the Tape-In extensions are almost entirely undetectable when hair is down or worn up.

3. Permanent (are worn continuously, for many months)

Permanent methods are strand-by-strand, meaning adding many small attachments. Examples include micro rings or micro bonds.

Which Extensions are best for me?

Blonde Clip-In,, Chocolate Brown Clip-In, Jet Black Weave

Temporary Extensions are great for irregular wear and are great for anyone who likes their hair but just want to elevate their look for the weekend or a special event.

Clip-In Extensions are excellent as they can be easily clipped in and styled in minutes and then removed just as easily.

Permanent methods are useful for those who are frustrated with their hair and need additional hair to gain extra volume, length, or both daily.

 The Tape-In Extensions are an excellent option for those with fine hair that want bulk on a semi-permanent basis.

Synthetic or Natural Extensions?

Buy 100% human hair, as synthetic pieces are not a convincing alternative! Invest in the highest quality human hair you can afford. At Joyselle Collection, the hair will last for many installments, so the cost in the long term is a lot more affordable.

Synthetic hair is usually unusually shiny and also does not allow for heat styling. It is a lot thinner weight than human hair and so will never move in quite the same way.

Also, the methods used to fit synthetic hair does not allow for a multi-tonal colour match because they are in block colours. You need a mix of colours/shades to get a true colour match.

The Cost of Extensions


The cost of hair extensions varies so widely even so it is challenging to know what an appropriate price is to pay.

Permanent extensions cost more than temporary hair extensions because it takes time to install. A full head of hair extensions will take 2 or 3 hours to install, and you are paying for the cost of labour. Most of the price will be for the cost of the hair

It is best to visit/consult with a hair extension specialist salon and test pieces of hair, and then invest in the best quality hair you can afford, knowing that you can re-use the hair.

Temporary extensions vary extensively. If you only plan to wear the hair a couple of times, then buy less expensive hair.

But, if you plan on wearing the hair extension repeatedly over the years, then invest in high-quality Virgin hair as this is the only grade of human hair that will last for many years.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

The hair type for Tape-In hair extension: 

 Fine and looking for volume. In your consultation, your hairstylist should give you a realistic idea of how many Tape-In extension pieces are needed to be fitted and where the Tape-In extensions will be placed for the most natural finish that won’t damage your hair.

Tape-In extension Pros: The Tape-in extensions look incredibly natural. A piece of your hair is placed between two ‘tape’ pieces and sandwiched using a clamp – no heat, glue, or rings required.

Tape-In hair extension Cons:  They only last 6-8 weeks.

Colour matching Tape-In hair extension:  The Tape-in Extensions can be colored and styled.  The last five inches of your natural hair will match the closest shade.

Is Tape-In heavy?

 The individual pieces of the hair Tape-In extension are a little heavy, so you need less of them, so the weight balances out.

How much does Joyselle Collection Tape-In extensioncost? Prices start from 90.00 USD — 230.00 USD


How Long Does Joyselle Collection Extensions Last?

Clip-in extensions are fitted in and out daily.

Tape-In extensions or (Sew-in) weaves last 6-8 weeks.

Are Extensions Bad for Your Hair?

Do not use Temporary extension daily because they are fitted in large pieces in one small area of the head. Use them occasionally, to eliminate long term damage.

You can wear Permanent extensions for an entire lifetime, and this type ofr extension will never cause damage if the right products and methods are used and maintenance is followed.

They should be refitted after the extensions have grown out to avoid pulling on your natural hair and damaging it.

Do not remove permanent or semi-permanent hair extensions yourself; always get them removed at the hair salon.

Who Should Avoid Wearing Extensions?

Do not wear an extension if you are currently experiencing hair loss. Wearing extensions could hide what is happening with your natural hair and delay any action taken to treat the hair loss.

Do not wear extension if you have fine hair along with very sparse hair.

The Salon should match the amount of hair added with the density of your hair. In other words, finer hair means that the stylist will add less hair.

Caring for Hair Extensions?

1. Eliminate excess oil at the roots to prevent the extensions from slipping or becoming sticky.

2. Do not turn your head upside down head and do not wear high ponytails as this pulls the bottom of the connection.

3. Do Not pull excessively.

Washing, drying, and styling extensions is the same as with your natural hair.

When must you remove Hair Extensions?

Never leave your hair extensions in for more than four months or after 2 inches of regrowth. Always have them removed professionally.

Avoid these Common Extensions Mistakes

• Do not purchase poor quality hair.

• Your natural hair is multi-tonal, and because extensions are pre-made in strands, they are generally one colour or two mixed colours mixed in a strand, so the colour match is never going to be good enough

• Strands sometime can be too big for a small section of your hair. The strand of hair should be s placed using an appropriate amount of the client’s hair, matching weight for the weight of your hair.

• Ensure that the extensions are blended in and cut properly to create a new hairstyle.

•  No aftercare advice is given.  You must receive detailed information on how to take care of your new extensions and instructions on styling. Information such as tying the hair in a low pony at night and thorough drying at the roots, will save damage to the hair, prevent matting, and help the extensions last longer.

Seven Steps to The Perfect Extensions

1. Find the right Salon

Making sure that the result you want is achievable with the thickness and length of your hairy. If your is thin hair and short, only add extensions to achieve five inches of space. We advise against adding ten inches.

2. Experiment with the hair extensions before committing

Extensions are an investment of your time and money. Have a consultation and have the stylist test pieces of hair extensions. Wear those pieces for at least a week to see if the method and the hair type are suitable.

3. Do not accept a lousy colour match

Do not compromise the colour match; even a slight difference is noticeable.  You should not have to dye your hair to match extensions.

4. Ask questions

The hairstylist will share their knowledge about your new extensions, so you should ask questions.  Hair extensions will change your appearance drastically, and you should feel comfortable asking your stylist lots of questions.

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